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A. All Travel Experiences

B. Accommodations

A. All Travel Experiences

A1. Definitions

A2. About these terms

A3. About Wonderful Noli

A4. Our Apartment

A5. Our values

A6. Prices

A7. Payment

A8. Policies

A9. Privacy and cookies

A10. Accessibility requests

A11. Intellectual property rights

A12. What if something goes wrong?

A13. Communication with the owner of Wonderful Noli

A14. Measures against unacceptable behaviour

A15. Limitation of liability

A1. Definitions 1. Some of the words you’ll see have very specific meanings, so please check out the ‘Wonderful Noli dictionary’ at the end of these Terms. A2. About these terms 1. When you complete your Booking, you accept these Terms and any other terms that you’re provided with during the booking process. 2. If anything in these Terms is (or becomes) invalid or, unenforceable: • it will still be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law • you will still be bound by everything else in the Terms. 3. These Terms are laid out like this: • Section A: general terms, for all types of Travel Experiences. • If there’s any mismatch between general and specific terms, the specific terms will apply. 4. The English version of these Terms is the original. If there’s any dispute about the Terms, or any mismatch between the Terms in English and in another language, the Terms as they appear in English will apply. (You can change the language at the top of this page.) A3. About Wonderful Noli 1. When you book an accommodation, Wonderful Noli provides and is responsible for the apartment – but not the Travel Experience itself (see A4.4 below).  A4. Our Apartment 1. We take reasonable care in providing our Apartment, but we can’t guarantee that everything on it is accurate (we get information from the Service Providers). To the extent permitted by law, we can’t be held responsible for any errors, any interruptions, or any missing bits of information - although we will do everything we can to correct/fix them as soon as we can. 2. Our Apartment is not a recommendation or endorsement of any Service Provider or its products, services, facilities, vehicles, etc. 3. We’re not a party to the terms between you and the Service Provider. The owner of Wonderful Noli is solely responsible for the Travel Experience. 4. To make a Booking, you may need to create an Account. Please make sure all your info (including payment and contact details) is correct and up to date, or you might find you can’t access your Travel Experience(s). You’re responsible for anything that happens with your Account, so please don’t let anyone else use it, and please keep your username and password secret. 5. We will show you the offers that are available to you, in (what we think is) the right language for you. You can change to another language whenever you like. 6. Unless otherwise indicated, you need to be at least 18 to book the apartment. A5. Our values 1. You will: • abide by Our values • comply with all applicable laws • cooperate with any anti-fraud/anti-money laundering checks we need to carry out • not use the Apartment to cause a nuisance or make fake Bookings • use the Travel Experience and/or Apartment for their intended purpose • not cause any nuisance or damage, and not behave inappropriately to the Service Provider’s personnel (or anyone else, for that matter). A6. Prices 1. When you make a Booking, you agree to pay the cost of the Travel Experience, including any charges and taxes that may apply. 2. Some of the prices you see may have been rounded to the nearest whole number. The price you pay will be based on the original, 'non-rounded' price (although the actual difference will be tiny anyway). 3. Obvious errors and misprints are not binding. For example: if you book the apartment that was mistakenly offered for €1, we may simply cancel that Booking and refund anything you’ve paid. 4. A crossed-out price indicates the price of a like-for-like Booking without the price reduction applied (‘like-for-like’ means same dates, same policies, same quality of accommodation/vehicle/class of travel, etc.). A7. Payment • If we organise your payment with Stripe or credit card or PayPal, we will not be responsible for managing your payment and ensuring the completion of your transaction. In this case, your payment constitutes final settlement of the 'due and payable' price. In case of not complete payment, problem with payment or cloning of your credit card or payment account, we will not responsible for that one. 3. If you know of or suspect any fraud or unauthorised use of your Payment Method, please contact your payment provider, who may cover any resulting charges, possibly minus an excess. A8. Policies When you make a Booking, you accept the applicable policies as displayed in the booking process in the site section at Terms and Condition. You'll find cancellation policy and any other policies (about age requirements, security/damage deposits, additional supplements for group Bookings, extra beds, breakfast, pets, cards accepted, etc.). 2. If you cancel a Booking or don’t show up, any cancellation/no-show fee and any refund will depend on the Service Provider’s cancellation/no-show policy. 3. Some Bookings can’t be cancelled for free, while others can only be cancelled for free only if another guest book the same period for the same amount of money of cancelled booking. If the money are less than it will refunded only the difference. If the money are less than it will refunded only the difference. E.G. if the cancelled booking was 1.000€ and the new booking is 800€, the refunded moneys will be 800€. 200€ will cover the loss of apartment booking. Only the owner of Wonderful Noli can decide the price with which to sell the cancelled period on wonderfulnoli.com and on the OTA connected. 4. If you book by paying in advance (including all price components and/or a damage deposit if applicable), the Wonderful Noli owner may cancel the Booking without notice if they can't collect the balance on the date specified. If they do, any non-refundable payment you’ve made will only be refunded at their discretion. It's your responsibility to make sure the payment goes ahead on time (that your bank, debit card or credit card details are correct, and that there's enough money available in your account). 5. If you think you're not going to arrive on time, please contact Wonderful Noli Owner and tell them when they can expect you, so they don't cancel your Booking. If you’re late, we are not liable for the consequences (e.g. the cancellation of your Booking, or any extra-fees charge). 6. As the person making the Booking, you are responsible for the actions and behaviour (in relation to the Travel Experience) of everyone in the group. You are also responsible for obtaining their permission before providing us with their personal data. A9. Privacy and cookies 1. If you book the apartment, you have to see our Privacy and Cookies Statement for more information on privacy, cookies, and how we might contact you and process personal data A10. Accessibility requests 1. If you have any accessibility requests: • about Our Apartment, please contact our Customer Service team A11. Intellectual property rights 1. Unless otherwise stated, all rights in Our Apartment (technology, content, trademarks, look & feel, etc.) are owned by Wonderful Noli (or its licensors) and by using Our Apartment you agree to do so for its intended purpose only and respecting the conditions set out below in paragraphs A11.2 and A11.3. 2. You’re not allowed to monitor, copy, scrape/crawl, download, reproduce or otherwise use anything on Our Apartment for any commercial purpose without written permission of Wonderful Noli or its licensors. 3. We keep a close eye on every visit to our Apartment, and we’ll block anyone (and any automated system) we suspect of: • conducting an unreasonable amount of searches • using any device or software to gather prices or other information • doing anything that places undue stress on our Apartment. 4. By uploading any picture to Our Apartment (with a review, for example), you’re confirming that it complies with our criteria and that: • it’s truthful (you haven’t altered the picture, for example, or uploaded a picture of a different property) • it doesn’t contain any viruses • you’re allowed to share it with us • we’re allowed to use it on Our Apartment and in relation to further commercial purposes (including in a promotional context), everywhere, forever (when you let us know we can no longer use it we will consider any such reasonable request) • it doesn’t infringe the privacy rights of other people • you accept full responsibility for any legal claims against Wonderful Noli related to it. 5. Just to make it clear: we’re not responsible and liable for any picture uploaded to our Apartment, we’re allowed to ask to remove any picture upon our discretion (for instance, if we detect that a picture does not meet the above criteria). A12. What if something goes wrong? 1. If you have a query or complaint, please contact the owner of Wonderful Noli. You can do this by accessing your Booking, or through our app, or through our Help Centre (where you’ll also find some useful FAQs). You can help us help you as quickly as possible - by providing: • your Booking confirmation number, your contact details, your PIN code (if you have one) and the email address you used when you made your Booking • a summary of the issue, including how you’d like us to help you • any supporting documents (bank statement, pictures, receipts, etc.) 2. All queries and complaints are recorded, and the most urgent ones are treated as highest priority. 3. If you’re not happy with the way we handle your complaint, you may be able to complain via the European Commission's ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) apartment (ec.europa.eu/odr). It depends on what your complaint was about: • if it was about the apartment, you can use that ODR apartment We do try to resolve disputes internally, and we’re not obliged to submit to any alternative dispute resolution procedures handled by independent providers. A13. Communication with the owner of Wonderful Noli 1. We may help you communicate with the owner of Wonderful Noli, but we can’t guarantee that they’ll read anything from you, or that they’ll do what you ask. In itself, the fact that you contact them, or that they contact you, doesn’t mean you have any grounds for legal action. A14. Measures against unacceptable behaviour 1. We have the right to stop you making any Bookings, to cancel any Bookings you’ve already made, and/or to stop you using our Apartment, our Customer Service, and/or your Account. Of course, we’ll only do this if, in our opinion, there’s a good reason to - for example: • fraud or abuse • non-compliance with Our values, or with applicable laws or regulations • inappropriate or unlawful behaviour (e.g. violence, threats or invasion of privacy) in relation to us, any of the companies we work with – or anyone else, for that matter. 2. If we cancel a Booking as a result, you won’t be entitled to a refund. We may tell you why we've cancelled your Booking, unless telling you would (a) contravene applicable laws and/or (b) prevent or obstruct the detection or prevention of fraud or other illegal activities. If you believe we have incorrectly cancelled your Booking, please contact the owner of Wonderful Noli. A15. Limitation of liability 1. To the extent permitted by mandatory consumer law, we won’t be liable for any: • indirect loss or indirect damage • inaccurate information about a Service External Provider • product, service or action of a Service External Provider • mistake in an email address, phone number or credit card number (unless it’s our fault) • force majeure or event beyond our control. 2. If you are in breach of these Terms and/or the Service Provider’s terms, to the extent permitted by law: • we won’t be liable for any costs you incur as a result, and • you won’t be entitled to any refund. 3. To the extent permitted by law, the most that we, will be liable for (whether for one event or a series of connected events) is the cost of your Booking, as set out in your confirmation email.

B. Accommodations

B1. Scope of this section

B2. Contractual relationship

B3. What we will do

B4. What you need to do

B5. Price and payment

B6. Amendments, cancellations and refunds

B7. What else do you need to know?

B1. Scope of this section 1. This section contains the specific terms for apartment. B2. Contractual relationship 1. When you make a Booking, it’s directly with the Service Provider. 2. Wonderful Noli owns and operates the Apartment. B3. What we will do 1. Once you’ve booked your Accommodation, we will provide you and the owner of Wonderful Noli with details of your Booking. 3. Depending on the terms of your Booking, we may be able to help you change or cancel it if you wish to. B4. What you need to do 1. Fill in all your contact details correctly, so we can provide you with confirmation and information about your Booking and, if necessary, contact you. 2. Read these Terms and the terms displayed during the booking process carefully. 3. Take care of the Accommodation and its furniture, fixtures, electronics and other contents, and leave things in the same state they were when you got there. If anything is broken, damaged or lost, make sure you report it to the staff there (as soon as you can, and certainly before you check out). 4. Maintain the security of the Accommodation and its contents during your stay. So don’t, for example, leave doors or windows unlocked. B5. Price and payment 1. See ‘Prices’ (A6) and ‘Payment’ (A7) above. B6. Amendments, cancellations and refunds 1. See ‘Policies’ (A8) above. B7. What else do you need to know? Damage policy 4. When you’re booking, than you accept that if anyone in your group loses or damages anything: • you should inform the owner of Wonderful Noli • instead of charging you for it directly, the owner of Wonderful Noli will have 14 days to submit a damage payment request through our Apartment, under your reservation number • if they do, we’ll tell you, so you can tell us if you have any comments 5. The quantification of the damage is based on the estimate and the market cost required to restore the condition of the apartment before the damage. 6. Any payment you make would be between the owner of Wonderful Noli and you. 7. The damage policy doesn’t relate to general cleaning, ordinary wear and tear, any crimes (such as theft), or any non-physical ‘damages’ (e.g. fines for smoking or bringing pets). 8. The owner of Wonderful Noli might require a ‘damage deposit’ before or at check-in. * If there is any damage, the owner of Wonderful Noli can always decide to initiate a (legal) claim against you outside of the damage policy, in which case the limit (see 5 above) wouldn’t apply. Wonderful Noli dictionary ‘Account’ means an account (with Wonderful Noli or a Group Company), through which you can book Travel Experiences on our Apartment. ‘Accommodation’ means the provision of an accommodation service by a Service Provider (throughout Section B, ‘Service Provider’ means the provider of the accommodation service). ‘Booking’ means the booking of a Travel Experience on our Apartment, whether you pay for it now or later. ‘Wonderful Noli’, ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’ means Wonderful Noli (for accommodation, flights or attractions) or Wonderful Noli. Corporate contact ‘Booking Confirmation’ (in the ‘Car rentals’ section) means the confirmation email and voucher we send you, explaining the details of your Booking. ‘Cash Credits’ means a benefit with a monetary value that you can ‘cash out’ to the Payment Method that we have on file for you, or put towards the cost of a future Travel Experience. ‘Credits’ means a benefit with a monetary value. There are ‘Cash Credits’ and ‘Travel Credits’. ‘Eligible Booking’ means a Booking that meets the criteria to qualify for a Reward. ‘Payment Method’ means the method (credit card, bank account, PayPal) used to make a payment or transfer money.

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